UNCF/Koch Scholars Program Undergraduate Application 2017

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The UNCF/Koch Scholars Program (UKSP) is designed to teach students how to develop and apply an entrepreneurial mindset by exploring how the study of entrepreneurship, innovation and economics contribute to well being for individuals, communities and societies.

Students, who are competitively selected to participate in this program, will receive:

*  Scholarship Support of up to $5,000/Year
*  Exclusive Access to an Online Learning Community About  Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economics
*  Mentoring Opportunities and Networking Access


To Apply for a UKSP Undergraduate Scholarship, an Applicant Must Be:

*  African-American

*  A High School Senior Applying to or Admitted to an Eligible Four-Year College or University OR A College Freshman Attending an Eligible Four-Year College or University 


*  Pursuing One of the Seven Eligible Disciplines: (a) Accounting, (b) Business, (c) Economics, (d) Engineering, (e) History, (f) Philosophy or (g) Political Science.  Reference Supporting Documents to Verify Your School and Major Eligibility. See Important Note Below.**

*  A High School Senior OR College Freshman with a Cumulative 2.7 GPA

*  A Citizen or Permanent Resident of the United States

*  Committed to Learning about How Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economics Contribute to Well-Being through Participation in an Online Community and Annual Summit.

**Important Note About School and Major Eligibility: SCROLL DOWN, view the Supporting Documents section, click the UKSP Eligible Institutions and Majors document in order to view this program's eligible schools and corresponding eligible majors. This document will help students determine if they are eligible to apply for this scholarship and program opportunity. 


All required fields, including six essays must be completed in the Student Application.

Student Application Requires Two Uploads/Attachment:

High School Transcript or College Transcript 

*  Student Aid Report

NoteA copy of your entire Student Aid Report (SAR). This mufti-page document will be made available to you upon completion of your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or will be available online if you filed electronically. NOTE: Please submit all pages, including explanatory notes. Incomplete reports cannot be considered.

In Addition to Completing the Student Application, the Following Must be Done:

Obtain One Reference


Please Note the Following Guidelines on "How to Invite Reference/Recommender?"

One letter of recommendation is required for a complete application.  The recommender must not be related to you. The recommendation form must be submitted before or by the deadline.

In order to give your recommender the maximum amount of time to submit his/her recommendation, you should enter all information for your recommender (name and e-mail) as early as possible. This Application System will remind you to "Invite References" until your recommender has been invited. This generates an e-mail to your recommender notifying him/her of your application and request for his/her recommendation. Your recommender should log on to the website and register as a reference using the invitation code and information contained in the e-mail, then cut and paste a letter of recommendation for you into the Essay text box.


If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, feel free to e-mail us at kochscholars@uncf.org or call us at (202) 810-0313.

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