Liz Colantuono & Mark Sanz Endowment Scholarship

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The Liz Colantuono & Mark Sanz Scholarship will provide need-based scholarships to high school seniors, adult refugees or a child of a refugee, Native Americans who are currently enrolled or have been accepted into a 4-year U.S. Based accredited institution. Preference is given to residents of Montana, or a resident of Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico or Idaho. 

Scholarships will be awarded to selected, applicants who meet the minimum eligibility criteria listed: 

  1. Possess a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale
  2. Have completed the Free Application for Federal Aid (FASFA) form
  3. Have demonstrated an unmet financial need as verified by the college or university 
  4. Be a US citizen or permanent resident who is a resident of the state of Montana, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Wyoming or New Mexico
  5. Be a high school senior, adult refugee or currently enrolled college student of any classification that has been accepted or is attending a U.S. based 4-year college or university as a full time student 
  6. Priority is given to:
    1. Refugee or a child of refugee born outside of the US and residing in Montana
    2. Native American students residing in Montana 
    3. Refugee or a child of a refugee who was born outside of the US and residing in Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico or Idaho. 
    4. A Native American residing in Colorado, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico or Idaho. 
  7. Have a major in or demonstrate an interest in pursuing a degree in a STEM-related science or in education, accounting or journalism 

Application Requirements

Students shall submit applications online for the program complete with the following:

  1.  A letter of recommendation
  2.  Accomplishments, Community Service and Leadership Activities
  3.  A 500 - 750 word essay discussing the students aspirations and goals, hurdles overcome, and their involvements and interest. The essay should demonstrate "evidence of a strong interest in achieving your academic goals". 


JUNE 30, 2022


For questions, please contact Cynthia Hearn.



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