UNCF/Wear Your Crown With Confidence Loan Forgiveness Program 2019

The scholarship application period for this program has closed, so you cannot apply at this time.
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***Final decisions were emailed to all applicants 

on Friday, October 18, 2019***

Congratulations to the recipients who will be revealed during the month of December.

All recipients have received a phone call.

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UNCF in conjunction with Strength of Nature presents the ‘UNCF/Wear Your Crown with Confidence' UNDERGRADUATE Loan Forgiveness Program.

Who Can Apply?

African American students who are between the ages of 21-35 who are graduates of any four-year accredited college or university, with a preference to HBCUs. Applicants can have taken up to five (5) years to have completed their degree.

    * Applicants must have an outstanding, cumulative student loan debt in excess of 40% of their current annual income from all sources, OR current monthly student loan repayment obligations in excess of 25% of their current monthly income from all sources.

Application Process?

* Applicants shall submit an online application for the Program with the following materials for the committee’s consideration:

a. A letter of recommendation from an individual who can attest to the applicant’s involvement and contributions to their community.

b. A one-page personal statement responding to the following:

In at least 500 words, describe a world that you exist in where you are living your best debt-free life. Explain how this award would impact the world you live in (family, professional, community). (maximum: 750 words).

c. An official transcript demonstrating the applicant’s cumulative GPA. The transcript should indicate graduation date and degree attainment. Note: Official Transcript will be opened by applicant and scanned into the proper location within the application. Please ensure that your degree and its date conferred are visible. 

d. Verification of all sources of the applicant’s current income through:

    i. Submission of the prior tax year transcript, requested from the IRS, showing only the last four digits of the applicant’s social security number. If you have not filed taxes for the previous year, please request a "non-filer's tax transcript" from the IRS website. 

   ii. A letter from all current employers confirming the applicant’s current income.

e. Verification of all forms of student loan debt through loan statements from each provider that show the current balance.

As you complete the application, please make note of the following:

- You may want to type your essay as a word document, checking for any grammatical errors, then copy and paste it into the template.

- Once you have advanced your application to the page in which you will click SUBMIT, be sure to thoroughly review your application prior to submission. If you do not click the submit application button, your application will not be received.

- Please note, only COMPLETED packets (Student Application and Reference Form) will advance for further review. It is the responsibility of the applicant to send your reference the instructions (mentioned to the right) AND ensure they have completed and submitted their portion.

Once an applicant has indicated their reference, that individual will be sent a reference code. If  the reference code is not received within a week's time, please follow the pdf instructions to your right, or contact Ms. Kenya Gray (Kenya.Gray@uncf.org) or Ms. Yvonne Nash (Yvonne.Nash@uncf.org) prior to the program's closing date.

 Allow 6-8 weeks from the program closing for decisions to be made. At that time, both selected and non-selected students will be notified accordingly.


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