Professor Emeritus John Edward Lillich Endowed Scholarship Program 2021

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John Edward Lillich was a WW2 soldier and a POW survivor.  After returning from war, Mr. Lillich spent many years living in various cities around the US working as an engineer.  “Jack” Lillich decided to return to school to pursue his Master’s degree as he always believed that continued education was the better choice that someone could make.  Upon becoming a professor at Purdue University, he noticed that there were so few female engineering students and actively tried to recruit them and increase their numbers.  His son, David Heath Lillich, is now continuing his father’s efforts to make sure that women are represented in Purdue’s engineering program through the Professor Emeritus John Edward Lillich Scholarship.  He’s holding the memory of his father alive by helping a talented, smart, driven, serious young woman along the way to becoming a successful-game-changer through education. 

Eligibility Requirements:

* Possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

* Complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (“FAFSA”) form. 

* Have a demonstrated, unmet financial need as verified by their college or university. 

* Be enrolling at Purdue University as a full-time college freshman at the time of receiving the scholarship.

* Be a female student pursuing a degree in engineering at Purdue University.

Application Requirements:

* Applicants must submit via UNCF’s online scholarship application portal by July 6, 2021.  All parts of the application must be completed and submitted by the deadline.

* One letter of recommendation from a non-family member

* Essay – Applicants must submit a one-page personal statement online, regarding the student’s career goal interest

 Letter of Recommendation Guidance

* One letter of recommendation (LOR) is required to complete this application. The recommender must not be a family member / relative. The LOR must be made through the UNCF online Application System and must be received by the application due date. Emailed LORs will not be accepted.

* Applicants should give the recommender ample time to complete the LOR by entering all recommender information (name and email) as early as possible. The recommender will be sent automated instructions at the email address provided to submit the LOR in the Applicant System. Applicants will receive "Invite References" reminders until a recommender is invited. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Recipients will be notified within 8 weeks of the closing of the application.  


The scholarship recipient may be eligible for a one-time renewal if the:

* Scholar has a minimum 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale.

* Scholar files a FAFSA for each academic year and continues to have demonstrated unmet need verified by the student's college or university's financial aid office.

* Scholar continues to be enrolled full-time in an engineering degree program at Purdue University.

For questions or concerns you may contact Marissa Simms @


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