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Wings is the Jordan Brand’s community impact platform. It is inspired by Michael Jordan’s legacy of greatness and commitment to education.

The Wings scholarship is dedicated to supporting the Jordan Brand’s core consumers who identify with the brand and aspire to attain the greatness that Jordan represents. By itself, then, the Brand is a transformative factor in their lives. Wings aims for the same kind of impact on the educational lives of young people by opening up doors of opportunity, the brand hopes to facilitate young students’ aspirations for greatness in their lives.

Wings scholars should aspire to attain the greatness that Jordan represents through the power of education and embody the core values of the brand’s Wings initiative:

  • Greatness: The brand represents the pinnacle of success and the height of achievement. Michael Jordan is the best player in the history of basketball, and the brand represents and is a tangible outgrowth of that achievement. Similarly, Wings exists to help young people unlock the greatness within themselves through the power of education.
  • Determination: The brand represents perseverance against the odds and a willingness to struggle in pursuit of a goal. Michael Jordan’s example inspires this aspiration towards greatness. Jordan’s determination to achieve is reflected in the quality of the Brand’s product, and both exhort consumers to be their best. Similarly, Wings aims to inspire a level of discipline and determination to pursue greatness in the communities where it works.
  • Authenticity: The brand is straightforward and unapologetic. It does not put on airs, need to prove itself, or pretend to be something it is not. The Brand’s authenticity is rooted in its connection to Michael Jordan, whose skill spoke for itself and marked him as the greatest player in basketball. As such Wings programming is rooted in organizations that represent and reflect the communities where it operates and will support organizations that aim to aid young people manifest their authentic selves.
  • Freedom: Jordan represents overcoming trying circumstances and achieving personal freedom. It represents a kind of greatness and the success that comes along with it that makes genuine freedom possible. This kind of freedom, especially for the core brand consumer, opens up a range of possibilities for young peoples’ futures, and Wings programming is designed to link young people to those opportunities.


To select and award students for the 2021-22 academic year.....

Wings scholarship applicants are nominated by Wings’ strategic partners. 

All required fields must be completed in the Student Application. Form fields marked with an asterisk are required. Please note that the application requires three uploads/attachments in the appropriate location:

  • High School Transcript 
  • Copies of Standardized Test Scores (if available)
  • One letter of recommendation 

If you have any questions regarding this opportunity, feel free to e-mail us at or call us at (202) 810-0251.

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