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The United Negro College Fund (UNCF) DeVry Gateway Scholarship Program is focused on creating a “gateway” to continued learning and to help prepare DeVry University’s students to pursue new career opportunities in the business and technology arenas. DeVry’s business and technology certificates take 8 – 18 months of full-time coursework to complete depending on the program. This does not include breaks and it assumes year-round, full-time enrollment. 

Being able to complete a certificate program in this timespan allows awardees the opportunity to begin or continue their job search with a credential in hand sooner than completing an associate’s or bachelors. 

After applying a 30% tuition savings and 3-credit hour complimentary course*, the cost of DeVry’s certificate programs range between $8,800 and $22,200 (this is the cost before financial aid which may include Scholarship awards, Pell grants, etc.,). The time and cost will be unique for each applicant and is dependent on the program selected, prior college credit transfers, full vs. part-time enrollment and a few other factors. Please work with your DeVry admissions representative and student support advisor to determine the program and cost that is right for you.   

The UNCF DeVry Gateway Scholarship will provide a minimum of 50 eligible candidates each, up to $5,000 in need-based scholarships for the two year or certificate program.

The certificate programs are as follows:  

  • - Cyber Security
  • - Cloud Computing
  • - Business Essentials 
  • - Information Technology Essentials 
  • - Internet of Things 
  • - Networking Essentials 
  • - Programming Essentials 
  • - Medical Billing and Coding, Medical Billing & Coding - Health Information Coding 
  • - Data Mining and Analytics 
  • - Software Design and Solutions 
  • - Web and Mobile Application Development 
  • - Website Design 
  • - Website Development 

For details on DeVry’s undergraduate certificate programs, visit here.

Note that all of DeVry’s undergraduate certificate programs are scheduled to be held online.

Eligibility Requirements:  

Interested applicants for the UNCF/DeVry University Gateway Scholarship Program must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Be a Black or African American student who will be enrolled at DeVry University in one of the 14 approved certificate programs outlined above in the Fall 2021.
  2. Be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.
  3. Possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. 

Continued Eligibility Requirements:

  1. Students must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours per semester
  2. Students can only fall below 6 credit hours once or take one semester off and maintain scholarship eligibility. Students must return in the subsequent semester and meet the continuing eligibility threshold, or they will lose their scholarship award.

How to Get Started:

  1. Once you have determined your certificate program of interest, the next step would be to visit the UNCF DeVry partner page at https://partner.devry.edu/uncf to connect with a representative and/or begin the application process.
  2. After successfully completing the enrollment process and being accepted into the certificate program, you will need to apply for the scholarship.

UNCF Application Requirements  

Interested applicants must:

  1. Submit a personal statement expressing career interest in no more than 500 words.
  2. Upload a copy of the official Acceptance Letter from DeVry University into one of the approved certificate programs.
  3. Upload official or unofficial current academic transcript.
  4. Complete and submit the online application with all the required documentation via the UNCF portal by the September 27, 2021, deadline. 

Applicants who have submitted complete applications will be notified of scholarship decisions within 8 weeks after the application closing date. 

For more information about the UNCF DeVry Gateway Scholarship:

  • Visit theUNCF DeVry partner page at https://partner.devry.edu/uncf and request information to connect with a representative.
  • Read FAQs, view the fact sheet about the scholarship program, here

 Any questions about this scholarship, contact Wayne Wilson (wwilson@uncf.org). 

 *Those interested in a 4-credit-hour course may enroll. 3 credit hours would be complimentary and the student will be responsible for the tuition of the remaining credit hour. Students are responsible for all other fees and charges, including books. Learning Management System (LMS) fees will be waived for students taking only one course, but the LMS fee will be charged if a student takes additional courses. Other restrictions apply, visit https://partner.devry.edu/uncf  for more details.





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